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Why Bravespace Academy?

It is estimated that 85% of the jobs in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. Yep, we’re mind-boggled too! That’s around when kids will start working and why now’s the time to help them build the skills they need to adapt to the future.

Our LIVE online classes are not only fun, safe and engaging, but also equip kids with skills they need to become future-proof. These skills include: Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Creativity, Braveness and more.


Are You Ready to Learn Something Amazing?

From designing your own website to building an amazing spaceship – we’ve got a class for you!

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None of our lessons are pre-recorded. All our classes are conducted LIVE in small groups. This makes the learning experience more engaging and enables students to ask questions. Parents are also updated on their child’s progress.


Instead of being a couch potato, we encourage out-of-this-world screen time! All of our lessons are super fun, hands-on and presented by highly-qualified teachers with international experience.


Our goal is to provide students with a safe and innovative learning space. All our ‘Captains’ (teachers) have been thoroughly screened. Our classes also offer an ad-free experience and a space where we encourage braveness.

How it Works:


Students learn new skills in an engaging and collaborative world-class virtual learning environment. After students have enrolled in one of our classes, they will receive a class welcome email with details that explains everything they need to know, including how to access our online classes. 


Our students don’t simply learn content, but truly explore with it. They actively take part in classes by completing challenges, sharing ideas and having discussions. We not only equip students with theoretical knowledge, but also empower them with future-ready skills through a variety of exciting hands-on projects. Students also receive resources after each course, including interactive notes and other great resources. 


We all love being rewarded for our hard work! At the end of each class, students will complete fun assessments in their own time. This includes quizzes, engaging challenges and fascinating projects. Once students have completed all the assessments, they will receive a cool class certificate!

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